Premium Guanabana Herbal Tea


Real Brewed Tea

Green Earth is proud to present a natural, delicious tasting Herbal tea. We brew our drinks in small batches to keep the quality consistent in each bottle.

Hand-Picked Leaves

We are able to control the quality of the leaves that we brew with by having our plantation. At our farm in Indonesia, we hand-pick leaves that are fully developed. The leaves travel a short distance where we have a proprietary method to dry the leaves, so they do not lose its healthy properties.

Brewed in USA

We are proud to say that we brew your teas here in the USA. By brewing locally, we can be sure that the quality is consistent.


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Our Mission

Green Earth launched their Soursop line of herbal teas in 2018, as a mission-based company. While providing a delicious, healthy, and refreshing tea drink we can support the City of Praise, a nonprofit orphanage in Indonesia. Learn More. A portion of the sales go directly to the orphanage. Please visit the the City of Praise website to learn more.

Green Earth Tea Logo

Contact Us

Green Earth Tea
2470 Stearns St. #183 Simi Valley, CA 93063
Phone: 888-519-2375